Nearly 100,000 rally for marriage equality in Taiwan

Pro-marriage equality rally in Taipei.

Pro-marriage equality advocates were out in force on the final weekend before next weekend’s election in Taiwan. It was a last-minute push that drew nearly 100,000 people on Sunday afternoon in front of the Presidential Office Building in downtown Taipei.

On November 24, Taiwan citizens will head to the polls to vote in local elections; they will also have the opportunity to vote on ten referendums, five of which are related to marriage equality or the teaching of LGBT issues in schools.

Sunday’s pro-marriage equality rally was organized by a collection of multiple LGBT organizations called the “Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan”. Nearly two dozen groups of musicians and entertainers performed and gave speeches, including singers like: Shuo Hsiao, heavy metal band Cthonic (fronted by NPP lawmaker Freddy Lim), Ailing Tai, Lee Teh-yun, Afalean Lu, and Lara Liang. There were also a number of people from the TV and movie industry on hand to show their support, including: actress and model Amber An, Director Zero Chen, actress/producer Lee Lieh, and actress Ding Ning (who won Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Horse Awards on Saturday night).