[Taiwan News] We monitor others, not our people: NSB deputy

NSB deputy chief Chen Kuo-en clarified a recent statement by his boss, Peng Sheng-chu. (CNA photo)

The deputy head of the National Security Bureau (NSB), Chen Kuo-en, said Wednesday that Taiwan’s security apparatus monitors external threats, not the country’s public.

Chen’s superior, NSB head Peng Sheng-chu, had earlier said the bureau would monitor Facebook and other social networking sites for content that could affect national security. This content, he said, would include slandering the head of state.

President Tsai Ing-wen subsequently said that no Taiwanese citizen would be monitored for their political posts on social media.

NSB deputy head Chen said the bureau’s intelligence gathering targets false information from hostile external sources, not political views expressed by members of the public. He said, “The NSB in accordance with the Intelligence Services Act is responsible for combining the national security organs. We will gather information on hostile Chinese or foreign dissemination of false information that would seek to affect our national security or social stability. What we do is for national security and social stability. We don’t target our citizens.”