HK activist wishes Taiwan luck as it heads to the polls

Pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong of Hong Kong (CNA file photo)

Taiwan is holding an election on Saturday, and Taiwanese people are not the only ones who will be paying close attention to the results. Hong Kongers, too, are taking notice.


Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong has wished Taiwan the best of luck as the countdown to Election Day nears its end. Wong said that Taiwan would be a source of support for Hong Kong if its voters show they refuse to bow to Beijing. Taiwan’s opposition party, the KMT is seen as being China-friendly, while the ruling Democratic Progressive Party is more wary of Beijing.


Wong also took to Facebook Monday to appeal to Taiwan’s young people to vote for the protection of Taiwan’s democracy.


Meanwhile, 15 Hong Kong councilors have written an open letter to the Taiwanese people, calling on them to safeguard Taiwan at the ballot box. They called for Taiwan and Hong Kong to work together for democracy.

News Source:RTI
Editor:Shirley Lin