CEC to propose draft bill on use of absentee ballots in referendums

CEC Vice Chairperson Chen Chao-chien (CNA file photo)

The Central Election Commission plans to propose a bill governing the use of absent ballots in referendums. That was the word from the commission’s vice chairperson, Chen Chao-chien, on Thursday.


Under the current text of the Referendum Act, voters may cast absentee ballots in nation-wide referendums. This stands in contrast to elections, in which voters must cast their ballots in person, and can only do so at polling places near where their household is registered.


While absentee ballots are now theoretically allowed for voting on referendum issues, there are still no clear rules in place explaining how this absentee ballot system should work in practice.


Chen told lawmakers that the commission will propose a draft bill within six months, after next year’s presidential election is over.


Beginning in 2021, Taiwan will hold referendum votes once every two years.

News Source:RTI
Editor:Paula Chao