Tsai wins second term

President Tsai Ing-wen (left) and running mate William Lai (right) appear before supporters after the announcement of Tsai’s reelection.

President Tsai Ing-wen has won a second term in office. 


As of 9:30 pm, Tsai had won more than 8.1 million votes, or 57.16% of the total, with 99.75% of precincts reporting.


Tsai took to the stage at her campaign headquarters late Saturday for an international press conference.


Addressing the conference, she said that Taiwan is a part of the international community that should be seen by all as a partner and not a problem. 


She called on China to resume cross-strait interaction based on the principles of peace, mutual equality, democracy, and dialogue.


Tsai said that what is important about the results of this year’s election is that they show that when Taiwan’s sovereignty and democracy are threatened Taiwan’s people will respond with an even louder voice to insist on their values.

News Source:RTI
Editor:John Van Trieste