Candidate Profiles

① James Soong
Campaign Theme
Freedom and democracy are Taiwan’s DNA
Age/ Current Post/ Education
77, PFP Chairman, Ph.D in Political Science, Georgetown University
Governed separately but equally, cross-strait dialogue, peaceful development
Threshhold for party votes should be lowered from 5% to 3%. Legal age of adulthood should be lowered to 18.
Compulsory education should start with children aged 3.
Depending on job nature, more flexibility should be allowed regarding “one fixed, one flexible day off” a week.
Care for retired soldiers and their dependents, senior farmers and laborers.
Set up commission for new immigrants
Build public housing for young people and senior citizens
Push for laws for patients’ right to die

② Han Kuo-yu
Campaign Theme
Safe Taiwan, Rich People
Age/ Current Post/ Education
62, Kaohsiung Mayor, MA in East Asian Studies, National Chengchi University
Support the “1992 Consensus,” No to “One Country, Two Systems”
Safeguard sovereignty, employ diplomacy to boost trade, pragmatic diplomacy, win over more allies
Reform national defense, invest in military education
Build free economic island, push for Industry 4.0
Resume operations of the 4th nuclear power plant conditionally
Retract pension reforms
Subsidies for families with children under 6, interest-free student loans, subsidies for college students studying overseas for 1 year.
Labor insurance, labor pensions, labor funds.

③ Tsai Ing-wen
Campaign Theme
2020: Let’s Win
Age/ Current Post/ Education
63, The 14th-term President of the Republic of China. Ph.D in Law, London School of Economics
Not provocative or rash, stands firm on sovereignty, rejects “one country, two systems”
Subsidies for families with children under 6
Subsidize agricultural industry, upgrade competitiveness, better insurance programs, more retirement benefits for farmers
Upgrading Long-Term Care 2.0
Publish White Paper on Transport, Science and Technology in 2020
Planned extension of High Speed Rail service to Pingtung, Improved Suhua Highway to open
Minimum wage raised four years in a row. Taiwanese businesspeople returning to invest in Taiwan. TAIEX above 10,000 points.