VIDEO: Mayoral candidate hopes to drum up votes through phone calls

DPP Hsinchu mayoral candidate Shen Hui-hung hopes to drum up votes through phone calls. (CNA photo)


Taiwan is holding its local elections in a week’s time on Nov. 26. Candidates are scrambling to get more support, even if it means calling people on the phone to tell them to go to the polls on the big day.


Video script:


Hsinchu City’s KMT mayoral candidate Lin Ken-jeng (林耕仁) is on the street campaigning alongside his wife from a campaign vehicle. Lin is calling on people to vote if they want to see changes in the city, regardless of which party they support. 


The DPP candidate for Hsinchu’s mayor, Shen Hui-hung (沈慧虹) is also campaigning hard. She demonstrates how to call people to encourage them to vote. During her first call she asked the person if they knew what’s happening on Nov. 26.  But before the woman could answer, the screen froze. Shen was able to soften the embarrassment by telling the audience they can expect a lot of phone calls and that there will be heavy traffic on the social app LINE on the day.


Shen says many voters are very supportive. She says some people even gave her hand-written notes with encouragement. However, she also took the opportunity to criticize another candidate from the TPP party, Kao Hung-an (高虹安), who has recently been accused of corruption.


Time for campaigning is running out, and candidates are charging forward, hoping to win more votes.


News Source:RTI
Editor:Shirley Lin
Source: RTI