Mayoral candidates feud over who first established quarantine hotels

Documents relevant to Taiwan’s establishment of quarantine hotels have surfaced amid a hotly contested debate

With Taiwan’s local elections a little over a month away, candidates are trying to win goodwill with the public. However, two candidates for Taipei mayor are fighting for credit over one key COVID-era policy.

Chen Shih-chung and Huang Shan-shan are both running for Taipei mayor in the upcoming November elections. Before registering as candidates, Chen was Taiwan’s health minister and Huang was Taipei’s deputy mayor under incumbent Ko Wen-je. 

Both candidates had a hand in managing Taiwan’s COVID pandemic response. Now, as they vie for votes, the two are trying to take credit for developing quarantine hotels — converted hotels where people could undergo COVID-related quarantines. 

Chen says quarantine hotels were an extension of government quarantine facilities. Huang says her team in Taipei was the one who first developed the procedures for establishing the hotels.

Amid this disagreement, the owner of Taiwan’s first quarantine hotel has spoken up. He says that Huang is the one that helped get the quarantine hotel plan off the ground. 

News Source:RTI
Editor:Leslie Liao
Source: RTI