Taiwan 100 days away from local elections

Lee Chin-yung. (Source: CNA)

Thursday marks 100 days away from election day in Taiwan. On November 26, voters will choose local leaders and decide whether to change the constitution to lower the voting age to 18. Elections chief Lee Chin-yung says November’s election will involve 19 million eligible voters choosing 11,000 positions.


Lee says the central government will set up more than 17,000 polling stations — 2,000 more than the last local elections in 2018. Authorities will also mobilize 300,000 volunteers to assist with the process and count votes.


This year’s election has added historical significance because it will mark the first time in Taiwan’s history that people will vote on a constitutional amendment. Lee says citizens over 20 — which is the voting age right now — should enthusiastically exercise their democratic rights.


Election authorities have also prepared various measures to prevent the spread of COVID during voting.


News Source:RTI
Editor:Itamar Waksman
Source: RTI