VIDEO: Candidates begin registering for Taiwan’s upcoming elections

A campaign poster in Taoyuan City

Taiwan will hold mayoral elections in November. While campaigning began months ago, Monday was the first day that candidates could officially register for the race.

Cheng Yun-peng is running for mayor of Taoyuan City on behalf of the ruling DPP. His voice is raspy as he addresses a group of people outside of Taiwan’s Election Commission. He says that campaigning has taken a toll on his vocal chords. While Cheng has been campaigning for a few weeks now, Monday was the first day he could officially file his candidacy. He was the first person to do so. 

Among the others to register for the election on Monday were DPP candidate for Pingtung mayor, Chou Chun-mi, and Taichung City candidate Tsai Chi-chang. 

The opposition Kuomintang’s candidate for Nantou County, Hsu Shu-hua, also tendered her candidacy on Monday.

With less than 90 days left before voters head to the polls, election campaigns are in full swing. Politicians are hitting the streets and banners are covering buildings. Registering to run is a necessary formality. If Monday was the start of the official race, then candidates everywhere have already jumped the gun. 


News Source:RTI
Editor:Leslie Liao
Source: RTI