Radio Taiwan International broadcasts worldwide from the Republic of China on Taiwan. It is one of the world’s oldest radio stations that is still in operation today, broadcasting news and programs in 14 languages to the rest of the world.

Tune-in to RTI’s YouTube channels for live coverage of Taiwan’s presidential election on January 11 – available in 14 languages. Visit RTI’s official website and Facebook fan page to hear simultaneous interpretations of the president-elect’s victory speech and join us on LINE.

中央廣播電臺 (Radio Taiwan International) 是代表台灣對全球發聲的綜合國際媒體,我們有十多種語言的中短波廣播節目在空中與各國聽友相會,也有十四種語言節目和新聞的新媒體網站對廣大網友服務。

適逢中華民國109年總統大選,央廣今年特地以 14 種語同步口譯在官網、YouTube 直播總統當選談話,讓海內外友人能夠了解台灣往前進的趨勢動向,也歡迎大家點選央廣網站FB 粉絲團YouTube 頻道,加入央廣的 Line 好友,讓更多人認識台灣之美。

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